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When we first came to this country, almost 4 years ago, we barely had a week to scout for a place to stay. We were naive and rented  the first place we ever saw; a tiny 850 sq ft 2 BHK with 1 full bath. With a 2 year old, 6 suitcases and no furniture, that place seemed more than enough. 4 years later we  were fighting every single morning for the bathroom and couldn't move an inch without bumping on to something. And it wasn't the best school district either. 

Finally, we  moved to out new condo during the summer of 2015!

The move was not only tiring, stressful and overwhelming, but pretty expensive too. Certain unexpected but unavoidable expenses threw us completely off track. That $150 paining I had my heart set on or that $40 antique gold vase I loved so much will have to wait. But can I wait? I started searching for "home decor on a budget" and then the whole world of Do It Yourself or DIY opened up. I stepped into the world of spray paint, mod podge foam brushes, primers and sandpapers. Amazed, thrilled and excited, I could not wait to get my hands dirty. My first DIY was a disaster. I tried to spray paint a glass bottle. Thankfully Sam stepped in and salvaged it. Its not perfect but serves the purpose. My subsequent attempts were less eventful. This prompted me to start the series, #DIYTuesdays, where I share my DIY crafts experiences. 

Here's what I have been up-to....


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