A Whiff of Spice is my sincere and honest attempt to chronicle my journey as a diabetic so far. After surviving for months on raw salad and a cup of rice, I finally said to myself life cannot be that cruel. Thus started my search for good food that I can eat, guilt free. The recipes that you get on this blog are a mishmash of my research and innovation and some handed over to me by my friends and family. So it would really make me sad if my contents and photos are used without my consent. So here a list of Dos Don'ts:

a. The recipes are for you but the text is all mine. Please feel free to recreate them in your kitchen but avoid using my content.

b. Content on this blog cannot be reproduced or republished in any manner, without written permission.

c. Email should be sent to whiffofspice@gmail.com, seeking permission to reproduce content for non-commercial purposes only.

Reproducing the content without written permission is a violation of this Copyright notice.



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