Chocolatey February - Ingredient of the Month Roundup

Chocolatey February

My gorgeous friend and blogger, Cocoawind and I have started a new series - Ingredient of the Month, where both decide upon an ingredient and come up with recipes. 

The month of February is dedicated all things Chocolate!

As usual my recipe will be Diabetic Friendly, while hers would we Easy Peesy with just a hint to Indulgence

So here we go Chocolate Indulgence - February!

Cocoawind: Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

Whiff of Spice: Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate Squares a.k.a. Antioxidant Squares!

Cocoawind: Whole wheat Date Orange Raspberry Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake 

Whiff of Spice: Dark Chocolate covered Clementines with a Hint of Sea Salt

Chocolate Almond Clusters - Cocoawind



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