DIY Craft - Painting Mason Jars with Mod Podge and Food Color - Step by Step Tutorial

A couple of months ago I posted a DIY craft where I painted random jars with school glue, Mod Podge and food color, mainly to organize Sid's school and craft supplies. I got some really positive response and it made me feel so good about myself because I am not at all crafty.

Some of you wanted to know exactly how I did it and I had also promised a 'step by step' tutorial at some point. However, I took me another few months before I could get my hands on another jar, that can be converted in to beautiful stained glass vase. And I remembered to take pics too.

So here we go....

Things you need: 
  • a decommissioned cookie sheet (the one you'll never use for cooking), 
  • a piece of parchment or foil paper, 
  • an empty mason jar, preferably with a lid (an empty juice bottle in my case), thoroughly cleaned and dry
  • a disposable cup, 
  • about quarter cup of Mod Podge, 
  • food color of choice - I used Wilton Gel Color (Red Red),
  • a plastic knife or spoon for mixing

In the disposable cup, add a quarter cup of Mod Podge and a smidgen of food color. Remember the final color will be a lot darker than the one in the cup. so add your color accordingly. Since I wanted my final vase to be red, I had to add a little more than usual. Or else I would have gotten pink instead. Mod Podge is pretty viscous. No need to add water.

Carefully pour the Mod Podge mix into the jar. close the lid and swirl it till the entire jar is covered in Mod Podge. If you do not have a lid, carefully swirl the jar, so that it covers the entire jar but does not spill out.

Invert the jar so that the excess liquid get collected in the lid and doesn't make a mess. If there is no lid, pour the excess liquid back in the disposable cup and put the jar in the inverted position on a foil or parchment covered cookie sheet. The rest of the liquid will collect at the rim of the jar and can be easily cleaned.

Once you see all the excess liquid is collected, carefully open the lid over the sink to avoid a mess. Put it back in the upright position and leave it alone to dry. Mod Podge dries very fast. It shouldn't take more than 2 to 3 hours to dry. But to be on the safe side, I leave it untouched, overnight or at least 8 to 10 hours. 

The beautiful stain glass effect jar is ready to deck up any corner of your room. Add a bunch of faux flower or dried twigs and it will brighten up the space instantly. Just do not put real flowers. Mod Podge is water soluble and since we painted on the inside, the color will come off, the moment you add water.

There it is. On the windowsill separating my kitchen from the dining area.  

Here are few of the other jars/vases I painted using the same method.



  1. Awesome! I am going to try these out soon... have quite a few bottles saved! And this project seems easy enough! Lovely pix!

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