A Whiff of Spice

Born a Bangalee in a household that epitomizes "Live to Eat" philosophy, obsession about food was in my genes. Survival in new city, away from the cushioned life of home prompted me to venture in the uncharted territory called kitchen and learn the nuances quickly. And in no time my necessary chore become a hobby and now my only passion.

It's been nearly six years, since I first stumbled on a food blog, courtesy Google Search. A lot has changed ever since. Now I have a husband, a kid and diabetes to keep my hands full. Yup!! The inevitable tragedy struck pretty young!  Along with passion for food, diabetes was also in my genes from both paternal and maternal sides. I was more or less prepared for it, but I least expected it to happen when I was about to experience the most wonderful phase of my life: Motherhood! It was initially ‘Gestational Diabetes’, which refused to leave me even after my precious little bundle was out for everyone to cuddle and fondle.

When I realized that diabetes will be my companion “till death do us part”, my initial reaction was “Oh no! No more Roshogollas (cottage cheese balls in sugar syrup)”!!! And my joys knew no bound when heard that I can have them, even if it meant only once a month.

This blog is not to lecture on “Diabetic Awareness” or “Diabetic Care” or “Dos and Don’ts of Diabetes”. It’s simply a collection of recipes that I cook for myself and my family that’s tasty, healthy and also at times pure indulgence. And it also keeps my A1C down! (Not always though!)

So welcome to my blog and celebrate Food - the most delicious aspect of life; with or without diabetes!

Finally, I would like to start my blog remembering Raji Shankar aka Miri of Peppermill who passed away on the wee hours of 13th February 2012.

“I came to know about your existence when you were no longer there. As I read through all the tributes written by various bloggers, I went to your blog and saw the amazing collection of recipes and awesome write-ups. I choked. I also have a chronic digestive disorder (apart from diabetes) that has left me ‘gastronomically challenged’. I had drowned myself in self-pity for months before I reconciled with fate. Trying to lead near normal life hasn’t been easy. My family and inspiring people like you have made it possible. Your blog was that final push that I needed, to start ‘A Whiff of Spice’, which I have been procrastinating for months. You have inspired a lot of people in your life and

Miri… You continue to inspire…… Rest in Peace.”

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